At Ovinos Manchegos, we have a wide range of commercial products, including female and male cross-bred beef carcasses in Spain. From fresh chilled lamb carcasses to their complete cutting into new fresh products, vacuum packed and frozen products, we present an extensive variety to satisfy your gastronomic preferences.

Our products, including cross-bred female and male beef carcasses, are designed to serve various markets, both national and international, in addition to complying with specific religious rites such as the Halal Rite. We pride ourselves on maintaining high quality standards in each of our products, ensuring their freshness over time and subjecting them to rigorous sanitation< controls. With high levels of turnover in our inventory, you will always have access to female and cross-bred male beef carcasses in optimum condition. At Ovinos Manchegos, we strive to stock exceptional products, and our range of cross-bred female and male beef carcasses is a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Female beef carcasses (seurop classification)

Male beef carcasses (seurop classification)