At Ovinos Manchegos, we stock a wide variety of commercial products, including fresh or frozen cuts in Spain, from fresh chilled lamb carcasses to the total cutting of the same into new fresh products, vacuum packaging and frozen products.

Our products satisfy various markets, both national and international, as well as specific religious rites such as the Halal Rite. Characterized by high levels of quality, always fresh products and subject to exhaustive sanitation controls, our products stand out for their high turnover. At Ovinos Manchegos, we strive to provide you with the best in fresh or frozen cuts, meeting your expectations and gastronomic preferences.


Cradle Leg Shoulder


Lamb cradle is the body of the animal, without the legs or head.


The ‘leg’ of lamb refers to the portion of the rear limbs of the animal. It is a cut which includes muscle, meat and fat. This section is commonly used in cooking to prepare roasts, chops and stews, and is appreciated for its taste and succulent texture.


The lamb ‘shoulder’ is the front portion of the limbs from the neck to the arm. This cut usually contains lean meat, fat and bone. The shoulder is used in diverse culinary preparations, such as stews, roasts and slow-cooked dishes, given that its meat tends to be succulent and flavoursome.

What can we offer?

sheep rack

sheep legs

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