At Ovinos Manchegos, we have a wide range of commercial products that includes vacuum beef sub-cuts in Spain. From chilled fresh lamb carcasses to full cutting into new fresh products, vacuum-packaged products and frozen products, our selection is versatile and adjusts to your culinary preferences.

Our products, such as vacuum beef sub-cuts, are designed to satisfy various markets, both nationally and internationally, and comply with specific religious rites such as the Halal Rite. We maintain high quality standards in each of our products, ensuring their freshness and subjecting them to rigorous sanitation controls. Thanks to the constant rotation of our inventory, you can always enjoy vacuum beef sub-cuts in their best condition. At Ovinos Manchegos, we strive to stock you exceptional products, and our vacuum beef sub-cuts are a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.


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Tapa de Vacuno

Beef tapa is a lean cut of meat located in the back of the animal, specifically in the buttock region.

With a tender texture, it is versatile in the kitchen and lends itself well to techniques such as grilling, grilling or slow cooking.

Its leanness makes it ideal for those who prefer healthier options, and it benefits from marinades to enhance its flavour.



The beef hip, an anatomical section located at the back of the animal. It is a region of great importance in beef. This portion, known for its juiciness and tenderness, represents a versatile culinary source appreciated in various cuisines around the world.



The "reverse" part of a calf refers to a specific cut of meat that comes from the reverse or opposite part of the animal's skirt. This section, often known as fillet or rump, it is a lean and tender part located in the posterior region of the animal. It is prized for its smooth texture and flavour, and is commonly used in preparation of steaks and roasts. The meat from the "reverse" part is popular in cooking due to its quality and versatility for various culinary preparations.


The "stifle" is a part of the beef that is found in the rear leg region of the animal, specifically in the upper part of the leg. This area is also known as quadrille or contrafilete, depending on the region. Babilla meat is lean and tender, which makes it suitable for various culinary reparations. It is usually used for lean cuts of meat, such as fillets or steaks, and is appreciated for its mild flavour. The babilla is a popular choice for those looking for cuts of beef that are lean and versatile in the kitchen.


Redondo Vacuno

The "round" is a cut of beef obtained from the rear leg of the animal. It's lean and relatively tender, and is used to prepare roasts, fine steaks, lean ground beef, and other dishes. This cut is versatile in the kitchen and benefits from cooking methods that retain moisture. Although it may be a little less tender than some premium cuts, its flavour and versatility make it popular in various culinary preparations.


The "morcillo" is a cut of meat that is obtained from the muscular part that surrounds the joint of the extremities of an animal, usually beef. It is also known as "ossobuco" in Italian. This meat is characterized by its gelatinous and connective content, which makes it ideal for slow cooking and stews.


The "butt of beef" commonly refers to a cut of meat fromfrom the back of the beef. This cut includes large, juicy muscles, and is usually used for preparations that involve slow and prolonged cooking, such as stews, stews, roasts or to make pulled meat.


Rabo Vacuno

The "tail" refers to the tail of an animal, and in culinary terms, it can make reference to the cut of meat obtained from this part. One of the most well-known and appreciated tail cuts of meat is "rabo de toro", which is especially popularin Spanish cuisine and other international cuisines.


"Beef chuck" commonly refers to a cut of meat that comes from of the front part of the animal, specifically the shoulder area. This cut is known for its intense flavour and tenderness, and is suitable for various culinary preparations.


The "beef fin" is a cut of meat that is obtained from the central rear part of the animal, specifically the leg. This cut is usually lean and is made up of muscles that work quite a bit, which can make it firmer compared to more tender cuts.


"Beef shoulder" is a cut of meat that comes from the top of the animal's leg. This cut is known for being flavoursome and juicy, and is often used in various culinary preparations.


It is a piece, located in the arm of the beef, which is fatty and juicy mainly used for stews, whole roasting or even grilling.


Pez Vacuno

As far as my knowledge goes in January 2022, the term "beef-fish" is not a commonly recognized name for a specific cut of beef. Meat cut nomenclatures can vary depending on the region and local culinary traditions.


"Beef brisket" commonly refers to a cut of meat that comes from the front and lower part of the animal, specifically the chest area.  

It may also be known as "skirt" or "brisket" in English. This cut is known for its pronounced flavour and its texture, but it is usually more fibrous and requires slow cooking toachieve the desired tenderness.

High Back

The "high beef loin" refers to a cut of beef that comes from the upper part of the beef, specifically the loin region. This cut is knownfor its exceptional tenderness and flavour, and is a popular choice for culinary preparations that seek to highlight the quality of the meat.

Low Loin

"Low lomo" is another cut of beef that is obtained from the region close to the bottom of the animal's spine. This cut is known for being tender and flavourful, although it is usually a little less tenderthan the high loin, which is located at the top of the spine.


Solomillo Vacuno

The "sirloin" is a cut of beef appreciated for its extraordinary tenderness and mild flavour. This cut is located at the bottom of the spinal column of the animal and is one of the least worked areas, which contributes to its tender texture.


"Beef cheek" commonly refers to a cut of beef obtainedfrom the animal's cheeks. This cut is known for being juicy and tender due to the presenceof connective tissue and fat that is broken down during slow cooking.


The "calf neck" refers to the neck part of the calf, specifically to the muscles located in this region. This cut of meat is known for its contentof collagen and connective tissue, making it suitable for slow cooking and cooking methods. which allow these elements to break down, resulting in tender and juicy meat.


In general terms, the calf arm can refer to the lower part of the leg, near the shin bone. This cut may be suitable for stews, stews or slow cooking, as it often contains connective tissues and collagen that benefit these cooking methods, resulting in tender and juicy meat.


"Skirt" is a cut of meat obtained from the lower abdomen of the beef It is known for its pronounced flavour and fibrous texture. The brisket is a lean meat but with a certain amount of intramuscular fat that adds flavour.


"Rib" is a cut of meat that includes the ribs of an animal, commonly beef or pork. This cut is appreciated for its flavour, juiciness and the variety of options of culinary preparation it stocks. The ribs are mainly composed of meat interspersed with bones, and its intramuscular fat content often contributes to its flavour and juiciness.

Hip Cork

The hip steak is known for being a tender and tasty portion, as it shares somecharacteristics with the sirloin, one of the most tender cuts of beef. It is suitable for quick cooking, such as grilling or grilling, and is appreciated for its flavour and juiciness.

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Tapa de Vacuno

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Redondo Vacuno

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Rabo Vacuno

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Beef Breast

Recorte Vacuno

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Solomillo Vacuno

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