Thanks to strict quality controls and exhaustive sanitation controls, we obtain unparalleled meat, all controlled via complete vertical integration from the breeding and fattening of live animals to the marketing of our products, all of the above meticulously recorded in rigorous traceability controls.

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Manchego Lamb meat comes from a pure Manchego breed sheep which are raised during their first days with breast milk and later with feed made from cereals and legumes. They stand out for their light pink flesh, their extreme juiciness and mild flavour.

The SAE certificate allows the shipment of food products to any point outside the borders of the European Union, guaranteeing their safety, quality, traceability and compliance with the legal requirements of the importing country.

It is an official halal certifying organism and is responsible for carrying out a process of evaluation with the aim of issuing a certificate that is internationally recognized and validated by all Muslim countries.

The IFS Food Standard enables the review of products and production processes to assess a food manufacturer’s ability to produce safe, authentic and quality products, in accordance with legal requirements and customer specifications.

Unlike other animal welfare schemes, audits are based on direct observation of the animal itself, through the evaluation of 4 principles: good nutrition, good housing, good sanitation and appropriate behaviour. Within these 4 principles, 12 different but complementary measurable animal welfare criteria are found.

The Halal Guarantee is granted by The Halal Institute,  the organism that manages the Halal Guarantee Mark of “Junta Islámica”  applied to products and services marketed by Spanish and Latin American companies, both for the domestic market and for Muslim-majority countries.