Our commercial services are based on people committed to customers, who understand their needs and adapt product stock to customer demand at all times. They project confidence and permanently ensure punctual supply, quality and service.

Our commercial agents have extensive professional experience and extensive knowledge of products and their seasonality.

National Market

Ovinos Manchegos has more than 3,000 clients in the Spanish market. These clients are composed of all levels of food distribution: Large Supermarkets, Chains and Supermarkets, Cash & Carry, Wholesale Clients, Horeca Carcasses and Traditional Butchery.

We have implemented a new business policy aimed at the end consumer through our virtual store, interacting with new technologies and focusing on new markets, allowing access to a large number of end, delocalized customers.

International Market

We currently work regularly with EU and Non-EU markets. On a European level we maintain exports to Portugal, Italy, France and Greece. The expansion of the Ovinos Manchegos market abroad is guided by strategic decisions which complement its distribution.

At the Non-EU level we work with Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon and the Arab Emirates. All products sent to these countries have their respective Halal certifications and deep respect for religious rites.